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I often dream of dreams dreams of flying dreams of dying dreams where I wake up crying dreams defying   All the lot dreamed of weddings. I dreamed of settings dreamed of regretting
Your eyes, the way you smile, makes me want to just stop time for awhile.   Your nose, your lips, your hair, Yes, all of those puts my heart in denial.  
I know I'm not perfect, But I promise you it's worth it. It might sound cheesy, But for me it's not easy To tell you how I feel.   If you gave me a chance,
He is the guy. He is everything, but a lie. He is amazing, with all the words he's saying. That smile that leaves me with no saying -  The way he walks, the way he talks  
There's this boy that I'd like to call mine even if it takes time. I've written poem after poem about him, but none can describe my feelings from within. So here I try again; if only he would know by then.
Love is when words cannot explain how I feel because everything is finally real. It's when communication isn't the only key for you understand me completely. It's when there's a fight,
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