Dreaming Normal

Tue, 04/14/2015 - 00:59 -- AraRose

I remember you taking aside one day and telling me that one day I could be normal

And ever since that day I aspired to be perfectly normal, for you

Soon enough it was my dream to be normal because I thought that's what you wanted

But eventually I ruined that dream

By becoming enveloped in sadness

Of course you didn't know because I hid it from you

I was afraid that if you found out I wasn't normal that your love for me would run out

But one day you found out

And I cried because I thought you wouldn't love me the same

But we never talked about it

I just cried alone wishing that I could be normal, for you


Everyday you avoided that topic

You ignored my sadness as if it wasn't even there

Of course we talked but we never talked sad

You ask me about my day and how are all my friends 

But you never asked me about me

It's like you're scared that if you bring it up 

I'll become even more tortured

But don't you ever think that I'm scared too

I get so afraid of the thought of you not caring about me

All I've ever wanted is to learn to be real happy again

But instead you've taught me how to fake it

To hide my feelings because you don't care enough to ask

As if asking would be a waste of time

As if I'm a waste of time


But you know i love you too much too blame this on you

So like always I'll fake it for you

I'll ignore all my scars

I'll ignore all my pain

I'll ignore all my fear

Just for you I'll put on a smile and pretend to be normal


This poem is about: 
My family


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