Dreams are dead-getaways from reality. They are like remebering  the times you loved and missed. You are ever-more longing for it never end. But still you know, it must end. You do think one day, it will real.  Alas, it begins to turn on you like everything eventually does. Your smiling, now your falling. Screaming, yelling, grabbing the air for something to catch on to but there is nothing

                                You're                                                                                              jjbj;j;j;j;jj;j;j;j;jlj;j;jsweating,                                               hhljlh;j;j;j;jlj;lj;ijomojlkhjf                                         Dying


                      You're                            njhlhlhjlhp;ghp;fsxhgjfjgdjp;dgj                                                waking          lslglshgldflglsglshglflglgldgldl                                                                    alive






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