Dream Sand

Dream Sand Yell, fail, break out of that worry filled jailSoar, write galore, soar some morePencil, no! A pen in hand. Mistakes embraced, promises in the sand. The sands of time fill in her mind.  Shy. Why.Why was she told to read? In front of the class to spill our her brains, her ideas, her dreams. Awaiting the mocking points, the mean, hurtful wordsshe was shocked instead to get something she never thought she deserved  Claps, no! Snaps, a symbol of pride. Pride filled her as she took in the encouragment of her peersShe never forgot the teacher who pushed her beyond her years Worry free. Write it out. Now write it again.Free to fly whenever, wherever she pleasedNo need to ask, no need to do anything but just be The pen danced to the snap filled beatsShe found her freedom, her rhythm, her wingsGet out of your head, write it down, find your dreamsLet the paper meet the pen Let those first snaps, that first joy, come to you once again Teach me to cherish this feeling Feelings that only words of love can bringWhen it flows from the heart, that alone is king.  But the memorable sands washed awayNo more time, she felt herself fade to gray Doubts overtook her, fearsome rains flowed, the rhythm of the pen, the snap-filled beats slowed The feeling of joy and love was lostHopeless is what all things seemedShe felt unsure of herself, unsure of her dreams Calling to her, words of memories pastShe felt the feelings Feelings she once deemed too good to last Finding herself, yet once againBack at poetry, this time to win  To win her own heart, to write with her own hand,to explore worlds, to give her thoughts a chance, to make sense of things she didn’t understandShe could do it all and she do it with a pen.  She could make it She could break it She could change itShe could rearrange it She could  and would. Never would she doubt again Yell, fail, break out of that worry filled jailSoar, write galore, soar some more  With a pencil? No! A pen in hand. Embracing her MistakesHer pen glides on the paperShe smiles at whatever it makes Dancing with the snaps, time seems to lapseLove flows from her heart, her arther heart all the way to her handCreating new promises in the timeless sand.


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