finding oneself

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I felt it a few times as a child, being tickled, laying next to you whilst you slept - watching your beautiful face, peaceful. Another time  we went picking for daffodils and blueberries.
Dream Sand Yell, fail, break out of that worry filled jailSoar, write galore, soar some morePencil, no!
Tomorrow we shall go- leave before the dawn spreads out and finds the shadows untouched by light
After a long road and crossing the burning sands,  I had a sit down with fate,.. I cried that it wasnt in the plan, the decision was final,  there was no escape, an opponent I have avoided and always feared,
I felt like it was happiness that swelled and swirled in my soul But as I dug deeper there was an impediment much worse, myself That's when the battle began The battle I struggled to avoid for so long
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