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Mon papa était plus qu’un père, Il était plus qu’un bon ami, plus qu’un frère.Pour ne pas minorer les douleurs des mèresQui nous ont portés pour plus de neuf mois, Ses sacrifices pouvaient rivaliser les poidsEt les lourds fardeaux mémorables de l’
 (This Poem Is Dedicated to All Fathers)      My dad was more than a father, More than a great friend, more than a brother.In fairness to the sufferings of our divine mothers, Who carried us for multitude moon-quarters, His sacrifices could rival
Dear Papa, at night i would open my window to touch the warm breeze that sang me to sleep every night the moon the last image to grace my eyes before slumber i grew up with mama telling me to be wary of the moon to never look through the glass at
I had a dream last night,A dream of bliss and peace,Where life was at ease,Where a streak of light steered clear the dark,Where faces had a spark.I tried hard to figure out a face,But failed always.Serene and tempting was the view,It made me feel
The young steamboat glides through the bright blue waters His engine is pristine, His propeller rotates as fast as a hummingbird. ThSo youne young steamboat has no problem riding the calm waves.
Papa, do you see me? Scared little girl in the corner I know you told me to smile Not to cry or mourn or Wish I could’ve done something Made your pain go away Found a cure faster
How I miss you Papa I could never describe
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