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Projected light upon a screen, Imagined life born from dreams. A story illuminated in the darkened theater, Speakers playing music in perfect meter.   I wish to see my name there too,
Korean/ English Version: 여보세요
If someone could believe I could learn a new skill Like playing in band, And marching drill Then why can't they see I'm ready for this Forensic science-y life. Where the details matter
"A safe bet" They say "Always in demand" I hear "What a nice house you'll have" She mumbles, already in a daydream But since when are the fun jobs safe? Since when do rewards come to those who lust for them?
MedicineWhat job could satisfy me for years on end?While also challenging me and helping me ascend?A path I could happily devote my life towardsWhile benefitting me with intellectual rewards
I? I walk alone. Itis 20013. A suuny year Like a field of daisies. Then, Then there it is.... The big bang . Here is a Nazi Scorning and cosming everything in HER path.
From the waves crashing on the shore, to the fish below and more, The sharp teeth of a great white are surely to give off a big bite, The cool breeze blowing through my hair, I can already picture me there,
One job may change my life. I wish to last a lifetime. One laugh. One smile. No tears. No fears. Every day they go by, Sad and lonely, They want to cry.
"You're going to be broke" is what they all say no money for a social worker now a days don't follow your dream, don't help people out because in the end you'll be left out
A bubblegum dream:  To reign the audience dumb As you take the stage.
Money and Fame, that's almost everyone's aim. To be the best a what they do and find the perfect career to pursue. However, my dreams are not the same. Happiness is what I'd like to gain, for my goal to unfold.
Dark black monsters coil around my brain Whispering sentiments and dark thoughts, Clouding my judgment while Hushing my moral code. My grades begin to slip And my body begins to expand while
The sun rains in through the  grimy blinds But all you see is the future, a future you have planned for, Thought of, strived for, fought for, will live for,  Yet something hold you back. You had it all planned out.
6am alarm goes off Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast. Into work by 7 Always the first one in Unlock the office get ready to start the day
The purpose of lifeIs to have purpose in lifeYour purpose is your passionOr maybe passion is your purpose,Either way, it starts and ends withService.Dad told me to find a way
We have been taught to change the world, But mostly the world spins on and continues to change us. I know things can be different for me, They have to be. I refuse to be a part of the same old routine,
Put this on. No No try this. You'll look more presentable they say. I was born in a world to stand out, But no one accepts you unless you fit in. These shoes you try to fit me in just dont fit Me.
It’s lyrical almost The way the lines meld together In perfect synchronization There’s splendor in these works Absolute candid magnificence   There’s precision in these angles
Bringing the past to the future Learning how our ancestors lived  preserving ancient knowledge  for future generations to see A historian is what I would be Completing a timeline of Earth's history
Everyone wishes for something,
Everyone wishes for something, like those who dream to sing. And it is my wish to capture the pure moments of rapture, of faces rarely seen.   There are so many in this world,
  You captured my heart from the start With your sense of humor you filled my heart Oh but I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else
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