Draw the Curtain

Society has a built a curtain for me

Outside the curtain, Im what society wants to see

I'm a quiet, get the job done, don't show any type of emotion young adult

I try not to take it as an insult but society is its own cult

I want to yank back that curtain

I am almost certain its that time

I want them to see who I truly am

Society hasnt seen a person like me yet, count on that!

When I draw back that curtain

They will see a ambitous, humorious, independent,beautiful soul, goal driven young lady

But its not time yet to draw back that curtain

I am not ready to sacrifice myself yet

I dont know why I care what they think

Its probably cause I have been used to hiding

BUT its what they expect and thats what counts to get you up in life

At least thats what the world shows

A few years down the road,

I WILL let that curtain go though




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