Dorky Feels

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 13:15 -- snickie

We are simply friends, I first thought of you
You wanted my tape because it was fun
I failed to see you saw me as your sun
That brightened cloudy days, your skies made blue
Your wallet took a punch - admit it's true
But you weren't done with me. No, you weren't done!
I came, you asked if I could be the one
The risk you took you've grown to fail to rue.
Though thusfar it has only been three days,
I'd taste a lie if truth I did not tell:
You're funny, sweet, and handsome. Ugly? Nah!
You'll learn that I see beauty diff'rent ways
It doesn't wrap around us looking belle;
It sourced around this sentence: "Hump day, yeah!"



Also here.

Yes, I wrote this three days after I'd been with this guy!

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