At the Door


United States
32° 17' 30.246" N, 97° 30' 11.0412" W

I failed.There's no time left for this world.
It's just me in my lab sitting on this linoleum floor.
The lab once hailed for its cure
Has now left corpses piled at my door.

Was it my fault? Am I to blame?
Does god curse my name as the sky bleeds red like an open vein?
I've tried to fix this believe me I tried,
But now I'm all that's left, so I don't see a reason why.

My lab continues to laugh at my flaws
How could something so perfect end so wrong?
I wanted to fix what had taken so much for so long
But the microscopes tell me I'm wrong.

I've set this world aflame
Not a single soul left to give me the blame
I know what I've done and this is the end.
Maybe the world can just reset again?

I hope that's the case because there's nothing more
Maybe something will find my bare bones
Hanging by a rope next to the corpses at the door,
The tools of science laughing at me forevermore.


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