"Don't try to carry my Cross!"


Do not try to invade my thoughts;

my cross is too heavy to bear...

Just listen when I need to express them,

& I will make you fully aware!


Ill let you into my life, and all to me that is real;

I will open up my heart and tell you how I feel

Do not enter my world and begin to judge me,

for I will not be judging you,

For you; for me; different things are real,

if you put me under observation,

than again I will conceal...


Every thing inside that makes me individually unique,

and all that I may tell, I trust you will be very discrete,

for all your secrets I will promise to keep...


I know better than most,

my life is full of trials & tribulations

but do not attempt to pull my weight,

although you may have the best of intentions,

I have always been independent

& that is some thing I find hard to appreciate,

trust that I will never take on more than I can tolerate!


I can love you, I can honor you, and I can respect you,

I will protect you no matter what the costs,

But in order for me to let you in....


Please, friend-to-friend

"Don't try to carry my Cross!"



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