Don't Take it Personal


If I still get mad,
If I still get upset,
If I still can't stand to see you together,
If I say the wrong things,
If I seem to tear you down,
Don't take it personal.

When I tell you I need space,
When I leave the room in a hurry,
When I roll my eyes at you saying we're best friends,
Don't take it personal.

In fact,
After you see these words,
After you realize "you" is you,
After you understand that yes, I'm still hurting,
Don't take it personal.

Just understand that it hurts
And know that your knife
Leaves scars, my friend.
Those scars still
Burn with Betrayal
Ache with Apathy
Sear with Shock.

I'll be honest.
It hurts.
You literally gave me hope
And snatched it from my face.
I wanted to hurt you too
My sister, my friend.
I wanted to rip you to shreds.
I wanted to tear your heart out
Like you skewered mine.
Don't take it personal.

I could never do that.
Never again.
My anger knows no bounds.
I've hurt someone

I look in the mirror
And sometimes
I see my Anger
Personified Monster.
I never want it to take me again.
You brought years worth of that monster back
In a few words.
You don't know the danger you put yourself in,
My friend.
When you see this,
Know it is truth.
Know the Monster is real.
Know He seeks vengeance.
And please
I beg you,
Don't take it personal.


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