Don't Rely on Words, Rely on Miracles


"There is no love lost

But there is love gained

I wonder if you look in my eyes could you see the pain

Some days you would come home  and hold me, touch me, and love me

But it all just went away

But I just pray for better days

All I say is baby I love you, but how could you

And you say sorry I never meant to hurt you

And I say as long their is no repeat of the day

Soon i thought things we're going good

But you did it again, again, and again

Okay baby i'm sorry I lose you win

It seems like you we're getting worse day by day

And i even noticed you started losing weight

But I didn't care I was Your girl and you were my man

But people didnt seem to understand

And I say F them because it's us til the wourld ends

One day i thought you would pull the trigga

because you assume I was seeing another nigga

But in all honesty i'm starting to regret that...

that i met you

I wish that I could start of fresh

But i'm here.... here stuck with you

One day I asked God for a blessing

And 2 months later I found out i was pregnant"


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