Don't Peak

Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain, she’s unsure of herself. On the outside she projects the illusion of being whole, and well put together. She walks with confidence, but not too much, she not’t conceited. BUT that’s only on the outside. Inside she fights with the demons of not being pretty enough, not being liked. The demons of someone constantly judging her and anticipating her every mistake. In the worlds eyes she’s perfect, faultless, she can do no wrong. But please don’t peak behind that curtain. Behind the curtains is the complete opposite of herself. If you must go behind the curtain close your eyes and find your way with your ears. For if you peak you’ll be faced with a world of insecurities, flaws, sadness, and mistakes. She’s hidden them well, so if you must go behind the curtain and peak, please don’t tell.


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