I have a weakness, its unspeakable.

My brain keeps pounding, breakable.

The sounds of these voices, unreachable.

The pain in my head, unbearable.

Listen to me, pay attention.

Look me in the eyes, dedication.

How can I go on with no motivation?

I am all alone, a lone creation.

Can you see the pain in my eyes?

You seen what I do to my thighs?

Don't tell me I'm beautiful, spare me the lies.

It just a waste of time cause time flies.

Do you hear these words?

Don't mind me?

All I want is your attention.

Look at me!

Stop ignoring me and make me feel love!

It's not to much, just put me above...

The lights and give me a shove...

To love myself when no else does.

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My country
Our world
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This is really good. I love how pain seeps from between the lines of this ode to attention. It's something that we all crave.

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