Don't Let Them Fall




You know there’s nothing left inside when the
Fragments of self you so desperately cling to trying to
Ignore the very fact that you’re losing yourself
In this madness and confusion,
But what is there to be confused about everyone
Else seems so happy and simple while
You struggle just to have a sensible
Personality, but oh where are the
Stitches that use to keep you
Together they loosen they break
Tearing at the seams that before you
Didn’t even notice until they
Break under pressure just like the friends that don’t exist to the people
They love until they hate themselves out of pure agony that no one sees
Their pain or even cares enough to take the incentive to
Wonder if the reason they don’t speak, the reason they
Isolate themselves is because of any other reason than
A medial one that doesn’t concern them now,They do this because their happiness is all they care about in
Their struggle to keep their own and stay together but it rips
The ones that need support need human contact need
Love, rips them apart just as the ones they need avoid
By letting them fall.
Don't let them fall anymore 


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