Don't Let Me Fall



A down pour of tears, a heart full of fear.

Don’t let me fall for I ache of the love within.

Don’t let me fall. I’m crying out for someone to help.

Don’t let me fall. If I was to drown in the world around me,

I’ll be no better so, don’t let me fall.

For I love to fall in your arms but don’t let me hit the ground.

Don’t let me hit the wall of nothingness for I live to smile.

Don’t let me fall for I am what I can be.

Falling deep and deep there will never be an end.

Don’t let me fall.

Crying, trying, crying, trying, help me find my way out.

Don’t let me fall. My face, filled with a phony smile.

My last joy appeared when I was an innocent child.

Don’t let me fall…….

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