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Dear Great Aunt, not to be forgotten,  detecting the memories  yet not able to find the remedies.   powerful. shadowing your steps, as you left   feeling empty, 
He was no longer in control, I felt his pain. He took the bite Like a headache He allowed his energy to give way.
An early death is failure expressed
In my eyes, you'll find a tear drop That needs to be talked off of the ledge
When I look in the mirror I do not see myself,
I wish I would of known this before, to save myself from your door. But we all have lessons to learn, even if we get a minor burn. Like Martin Luther King, I gave you my rights and everything.
I'm sitting here, lost inside my own head, losing my thread, not sure if I'm alive or dead. My mind can't seem to catch a grip on reality, I'm slipping away from sociality, watch out for my whismicality.
It hurts to see the table empty with no foodAnd my little brother walking around with some fucked up shoes
  A down pour of tears, a heart full of fear. Don’t let me fall for I ache of the love within. Don’t let me fall. I’m crying out for someone to help. Don’t let me fall. If I was to drown in the world around me,
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