Don't let fear win.


I met a man a while ago,

While I was walking all alone.

He was an elderly man, poor of health

But he'd never let that stop him.


We met everyday or so,

He told me stories of his life;

The adventures and the pain that he had endured;

But he'd never let that stop him.


In the war, he was involved

Fear wrapped around his neck

Holding him tight,

but he'd never let that stop him.


As the years passed,

I could see him weak in the bone.

He continued to walk

though it did hurt.

But he'd never let that stop him.


He told me without pain,

there would be no life

I questioned his words,

Wondering if he becoming delirious,

But he'd never let that stop him.


One day he was all alone

And a pain occured in his heart,

As he got to the phone and called,

I picked it up and heard him fall.

I rushed over to help him;

But he didn't want help,

He fought to stand

Though bewildered of what happened.

But he'd never let that stop him.


Laying on his death bed,

He knew what was to come.

His eyes began to become blank,

His memories vivid;

As if in the deep blue sea they  sank.

He called me over one last time,

When i went he spoke to me his final words;

Don't let fear win,

Live your life to the fullest,

Eventually everyone will dies,

And you'll kow when it is your time...


His eyes slowly closed as his heart took it's last beat.

Tears filled my eyes as I held his hand.

I promised him I'd never let fear win,

And for him, 

On an adventue I went.


I faced many dangers

And fear filled my body,

But now I know because of a wise elder man...

I'd never let that stop me.




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