"Don't Judge Me" (Inspired by Chris Brown's song "Don't Judge Me")

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 15:36 -- Lorri_J


I cant believe how you played me

You broke my heart once again

Proven yourself untrustworthy

I cant believe what you did

You took my heart and you used it

You made me feel like a fool

I cant believe i ever fell for you


You say "Please dont judge me"

But how can i not judge you?

When you act so heartless...Like my feelings dont matter

Keep saying not judge you

But boy i have to judge you for all the pain you caused me...

I dont want to do this anymore


I really just cant take this pain i feel...

All this tossing and turning, Its all just so unreal---Man...

I cant believe it. 

Im tryin' to digest you, I'd rather be bulimic.

All the fussin' and the fightin', Boy i told you im not with it.

You said that you'd protect me, but it was my heart you left here broken.

You left every side of me unarmed, exposed, and open

My right side, left side, front side, back side, 

Every part vulnerable for society to criticize, chastize;

Disrespect is really all you've done for me

Tried to flip the script and make it seem like it was all me and not you

You said the things you wanted to say and did the things you

You made me want to shoot myself for choosing to be with you...

I have to get away from your hold and all the pain you caused me

From this day forward no longer will you oppress me. 



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