Don't Forget About What I Did For You

Don't forget about what I did for you

all the crap I put up with to make you happy

all the tears I cried when you hurt me

all the memories we created for all the world to see


Don't forget about all those nights I held you down

the times when I listened to all your cries

how I waited for you, hours back to back, to text me

how many times I pretended to believe all your lies


Don't regret ever leaving me behind for less

and dropping a quarter to pick up a dime

boy, you must feel heartbroken by all her games

but according to you she looked, like a good time


I hope your twenty knows how to cook up a storm

and not a fire that might end your life

I hope she can carry those kids we talked about

but I bet you that you can't change a whore into a housewife


I hope her heartbeat matches your rhythm

if not, I can do nothing but laugh

because I was around when you had nothing

now I'm someone elses buried treasure

don't bother picking up the shovel because I burned the map


Don't worry I will still cherish those precious moments

I wilI never stop loving you

I will just move on to bigger and better

and oh don't forget about what I did for you


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