Don't feel down you are who you are

Don't feel down you are who you are.
Think deep down and very far.
As it goes on you start to feel sad.
But think my friend before you do anything bad.
I know it's hard I really do.
Don't feel hated, we love you.
In this world we can expect hate.
You are who you are, god makes no mistakes.
If you ever feel useless, lonely, or even bare.
Your not alone and there's people who care.
I value you to the highest degree.
Your very special and not just to me.
There's people there who'll make your day gloomer.
But remember your beautiful and full of humour.
With this poem I do pray.
And send my blessing everyday.
That all goes good and very well.
There's always a listener and someone to tell.

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Our world


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