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I’m sorry I’m not good enoughI’m sorry I’m meMaybe it’d be easier if I was that perfect girl Yunno that blonde one who sits next to me The shy oneThe one with deep blue eyesAnd that perfect smileThe one who looks good in anything she wears The one
i shouldn’t have to convince you that i know my self worth— in order for you to treat me with anything remotely resembling human decency.
Esophageal spasms sever breathes Squelched lungs from internal pressures Swift thoughts becoming convictions Seeming to soon be posthumous  
In these moments in life I wonder What could’ve been? If it weren’t for how annoying I was Or the fact that I wasn’t pretty than most girls
To mould those letters Into a pattern called words Is all what my heart beat for Excavating deep thoughts Making secrets of the hearts Transparent is the mandate of my life
Sometimes I cry....... Then I stop ´Çause tears don´t come cheap So why would I waste them on you With the dry face?
Darkness descending, Sweeping, Swaying. I call out, But no one will hear. My screams echo, But no one will hear. I call out your name, Save me, save me. Darkness descending,
Learning to swim..I was taught by fearbeing pushed in the deep endif we swim in the air around uswe learned to survive even then pulled out of our mothers' wombs into a new element
Day after day The sun rises and sets Just like every day But a man does not   A man changes every day Not all at once Day by day by day  Confidence grows  socializing occurs 
the thing about depression is that it never really goes away. its there, but lying in secret. like a tumor on your heart and your brain. you feel tired all the time.
Don't feel down you are who you are. Think deep down and very far. As it goes on you start to feel sad. But think my friend before you do anything bad. I know it's hard I really do.
Hope I can’t live without the hope that it will get better I can’t live without the hope that someday I’d be free As a feather Floating in the wind without a limit Or a Header
Strength. The word so demanding, so  strong. If only I have the courage to be strong to be fearless to be.. me. Its not until we are alone that we experience reality
You made me feel weak You left me bruised I wanted you more than I needed myself   I wanted to hold you You pushed me away I cried everynight Wanting you to stay  
All I need is healing and helping others to heal. This is what is most important to me. To show the world that I have a voice and they can too. We need to see our own self worth and that is what I can not live without. Broken Mirrors
Love, such a crazy little thing at first it makes your heart flutter everything is suddenly rose tinted and bright You become stronger
Life is tough. Life is rough. So get up and show your life who is stronger. We should want life to be longer. Get up go to the gym. Get Slim. Be Happy Be a little Sappy. Dont be weak
The mind can be a cold, dark placeone may not see at value face.Years before, when the world felt dark,everyone seemed to find a spark.Of those whom I did admire,many had warm, blazing fire
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