Don't Blink

It’s amazing how you have the ability to cut me down and bring me to my highest of highs,

In a single sentence, you have this uncanny ability to remind me how small I am.


It seems like it has been a blink of an eye, and yet 5 years have gone by.

You seem nicer now, you blamed the drugs I didn’t know you were taking.

Then again, I was too young to know what drugs were, so maybe that was my fault.

Truth be told, I still don’t know what they are. I just know they are bad and you have a problem.

You promised, you promised to always be there for me.


Another year goes by, but where are you?

They all tell me how much you love me, how much you care;

But where did you go? Why are you not here?

Day by day, month by month, you have left me here alone and I don’t understand.


2 years go by, it seems like it’s been but a minute.

And yet your still gone.

I’ve been told you needed to go away, that you love me and you’ll be back.

But I don’t believe them anymore.

Nobody will tell me why you left me;

Before you left the rest of them.


I turned 18 today, or was it yesterday? I can hardly remember.

I needed you, they told me I had completed my childhood,

And it was time to become an adult.

But I still don’t understand.

Sometimes I think I see you, in the darkest part of my brain.

By then I remember, you left me.


You were supposed to be there forever, that’s what everyone told me.

But I guess forever was but a blink of an eye.





This poem is about: 
My family


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