Don't Back Down

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 15:17 -- lmgade


You will never get in they say

Quinnipiac University, but how will you pay?

I know I am a hard worker, I can do it

All of these negative words I am going to lose it.

I am a young woman with determination in my eyes

watch me flourish you may be surprised.

Quinnipiac Class of 2017 it says on the top of the page

then follow this link to pay the wage. 

I saw the cost of tuition but i didn't fray

Because I had numerous scholarships coming my way.

I am strong, fierce, and ready to fly

but I have to be careful because in college time passes by.

I have proven to my peers that I can do it

All you have to do is put your mind up to it. 

In two years I will walk across that stage

with a diploma in my hand ready to turn the page

my life is a story and it has only begun

because I have two more years for my doctorate it's going to be fun.

I'm sorry I will never get in you say

I am pretty sure that I graduated now stop standing in my way.





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