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Being A Hispanic was hard The black sheep they say, the same but different  Looked at ashamed by the ones we call our people  looked at different by the country we said was united
make america Great again.Make America Great Again?Was it ever Great to begin withThe United States of America Was hardly
at this time of great unrest our nation stands divided in a civil war of prose snowflakes and nazis aliens and terrorists   little do our people know pride comes before the fall
We are the people of the USA. We’ve got to learn that we’ve got to pray. We the people are united no matter how hard we try to be divided. Yes were different, I’ll give you that. But it only takes one to make an impact.
Thoughts- Thoughts race around my mind,  Racing and whirling,  A hurricane, living inside   Sometimes it is comforting, For I am not alone with these thoughts inside,  I have voices, 
Stare at the stars, Wondering who we are, And why we are lost. How is it possible to be ourselves, When we are unsure of who we are? How can we live to their expectations?
The earth sprouts new life like love grows attachment and clings on  tight. Like a new-born bird taking flight for the first time, leaving the nest, taking chances.
A sea of faces, multicolored pencil cases
There's something to be said of the Man Divided To function with cogs not sync With one eye open while other blinks Only to look towards different directions   Different directions, and he's but one vessel
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