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I want to be a barbie
I want to be a fresh out the box
Accessories not included
Anatomically in correct
Manufactured in the flesh
Rubber in the chest
Mark me made by Mattel
With USA on my logo
A face tattooed in make up
Permanently standing on my toes
Give me long flowing locks of spun gold
Light colored eyes and painted nails
Laden me with accessories I don't need
Create and set my purpose for me
Pigeonhole me in a plastic and cardboard box
Set me out for all to see
And more to want
Make me wanted
Kill me on the inside
So that my outside may reflect the best of what you want to see in me
Fill me with boiling plastic
As if I am a broken mold created in the wrong color
Make my eyes pretty and sightless
Fill my lungs so they push out my chest and still my breath
Bleach break and straighten my hair
So that before it falls out they will call me fair



Wow, I love the concept behind this poem. You described in detail what a barbie represents in the U.S.A. and it was such an accurate description. The picture you chose to the right is intriguing. I definitley think this poem could be performed. Have you ever done spoken word? I wonder if you could create a new piece from the following lines..."Kill me on the inside, So that my outside may reflect the best of what you want to see in me." When I write, I often find other lines within a poem that would be a great starter for a whole new poem! The lines you wrote remind me of American women and struggles with appearance and body image. Often, women do lose acceptance of who they are in the inside when it conflicts with what they look like on the outside. You could really reach a lot of young ladies by encouraging them to be confident in who they are and what they look like! :)


Do you mind if we feature this on our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts?  Links to original poem included and we will give you full credit for your work.  :)

Please let me know!  Thanks - Mary. 

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