Do I Intimidate You?

Do I intimidate you?

With the way I wear my skin 

Do you fear the way I stand? 

Because I don't let my insecurities win


Can you handle the way I walk 

like I've got red carpet beneath every step

Or do you just like to talk 

about how much better you could get


Do you judge the way I speak 

because I'm always ready for a fight

Would you prefer a smaller woman 

who can't speak without fright


So do I intimidate you? 

With all my loveliness and pride 

Or do you just really wish

you were along for the ride


I find I simply don't care 

which image of me you choose 

Because life is a game and you're on a path 

Where I hate to tell you, you lose 




This poem is about: 



yessss..... i can relate

guys live for you to be in fear, they want to feel strong, masculinity 

but when a women is independent, their own boss

they think all of a sudden they gay,

like what a women cant be strong, indipendent, face their insicurities. 

we are more then anything in the world, i dont depend on a man.

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