Divorce, I ain't even bothered

I hate it when people make assumptions

when people make assumptions that a two parent family is necessary

when people make assumptions that I’m unhappy

When they project their feelings of unease about their own parental relations

When they make it seem like my parent’s divorce had something to do with me


It didn’t

I am not any different than them

we have the same GPA’s

We have the same SAT scores

We both got into college

We both went to summer camp

We both live in houses

We both eat dinner every night

Just because my parent’s don’t love eachother anymore

or that their marriage didn’t work

Didn’t leave me damaged

Didn’t make me lesser


I grew up in a happy



With a single mom who takes care of me.

Who provides me with everything that you have.

Don’t ever tell me

that I’ll learn from her mistakes and my relationships

will be more healthy

Because hers aren’t unhealthy.


So stop asking me if my mother dating

Makes me feel weird

It doesn’t

It is only weird for you.


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