Dive Into Depression, Kiddies

We've all been through trying times in our lives, and if we haven't yet, then it is almost inevitably coming. ITS JUST HUMAN NATURE TO HURT, INS'T IT? Most of us experience our suffering at the hands of other people.

It is our parents that neglect or abuse us, other families that keep us in foster care, reckless and angry people that give us crippling injuries, and our ancestors and parents who pass down the genetic codes that leave us with marred and disabled bodies before we're even born. Unfortunately, the extent of human suffering doesn't end on the physical level. IT IS NEVER OUR FAULT FOR OUR FAULTS.

Mental illnesses affect an increasing number of people every year. HOW LONG UNTIL NOBODY IS FINE? The affects of these mental problems can be devastating. They creep up on an unsuspecting person and, before they even realize that their thoughts and behaviors aren't normal, they are already thinking about jumping off of a bridge.

There is an entire monochrome rainbow of mental illnesses that people suffer from. ITS NOT FAIR. But it still happens, and we can do nothing to truly stop it. One of the fastest growing and most devastating is depression.

The problem with something like depression is that it never really goes away; it always comes back, even if you were happy the day before. It is also very numbing. It will leave you spending entire days staring at a wall without realizing OR CARING that time is passing.

You fight against your own mind almost every day, against your very being, just so that you can survive the melancholic bombs your subconscious plants in the recesses of your mind, where your depression lives, LURKING BEHIND YOUR FEARS AND SORROWS. Living with a mental illness is excruciating and trying to overcome one is akin to heroin withdrawal.

You become addicted to the empty, ITS EASIER TO CURE A METH ADDICT, it becomes familiar to you and you begin to find comfort in it; you begin to think that its at least better than experiencing sadness or anger or embarrassment, so it becomes very difficult to leave depression behind.

So, you have two choices. NOT THREE, DEATH IS NEVER AN OPTION. You can live with it, or you can challenge it. You have to be the one to take the first step, to dive head first into an unknown, icy ocean. 

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