Distance, the amount of space between two things.
How do I still feel you
When you are no longer seen?
How do I still hear you when your so far away?
Your the reason "goodbye"
Is the hardest word for me to say.
Your the reason I wear hoodies in the summer,
Because I wonder
Why I can still feel your cold hands against my face?
Your soft voice telling me
Grandson, I love you.
I still remember the subtle kisses on my head
Tell me what's the distance 
Between the living and the dead?
The distance between you and I is so close and so far.
I inherited your traits
Even though I don't really know who you are.
But your face is like mine 
And if your heart is like mine 
Then why is it so hard for you,
To find me.
Why didn't you ever look,
Why didn't you ever care?
What's the distance between the fathers 
That are there but are never there?
The love we have for each other connects us,
I was always there to protect us
Especially after he left us.
As far as I knew there was no one else in the world,
Except us.
We're no longer face to face 
Your hundreds of miles away.
But I can still hear my mother say
"Anthony be smart
Stay true to who you are
And never let anyone take that away".
The reason in a full room I feel alone.
The reason I feel your presence through a phone.
The difference between the young and the grown.
Tell me the difference,
Between disconnected, and distance.


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