Discretion of Restraint - to choose


What do I do about You?

You are my savior, You are my equal

You taunt my mind each time that I taunt Yours.

You are special                to Me.

We do go well, nicely.

It’s picturesque and we know not how to thus uphold.

Will We crash and burn??

I severely hope not.

I Love You. And I don’t know what to do.

Act appropriately, be timely;

Whatever You, Me- We do, don’t rush;

I love you.

I’ve never found the words thenceby to communicate;

They say that all I do is over-complica-


I differ: life is overcomplicated, I say.

And i’m afraid.

Afraid that the glory might not last;

that we might crash

because of some outside circumstance.

I really don’t want that avalanche.

It may be bright and exhilarating, but indeed such a fate is blinding.

need I of that pressure? so much snow between me and where I used to be??

need anyone thereof??

I suppose not. I reflect upon my semantic catechism and wonder what hereby applies..

Allow myself even that one moment of hestitation?

for in a moment, a life can change, and anything can happen.

- de ANinamousMe


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