I am proud to look like me.

Not Kim Kardashian.

Not Megan Fox.

Not even like the freakin perfect blonde in my Chem Class.

I like me.

Yes, my hair is always falling out of place.

I wear mismatched socks.

Who cares?

I am me.

Just me.

If I dyed my hair, then I wouldn't be me.

The man above blessed me with my rigorous waves and patterns.

Flat irons, make up

Fake perfection to gain approval  

Yes I use them

What girl doesn't?

Change vs. Improvement

I improve my soul, to become a better me

I don’t change my ways, to become someone I’m not

Don’t hide your originality under society’s perceptions

Be Different

Diversity is okay

Cooky is okay

Weird is okay

If we all looked the same, we wouldn't make an impact

Dr. Martin Luther King was different

Gandhi was different

Mother Teresa was different

You are different

I am different

Leaders are different

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror

Don’t look for imperfections

Look for difference


God doesn't bless the normal ones  

His children always stand out







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