People put labels on people because there different then others around them

Others are to afraid to be a voice of someone standing out from a crowd filled with the same type of people 

It doesn't matter if you are gay,white,black,or even blue 

Living different is no crime it's called believing in yourself and don't care whose around

People judge to much but doesn't acknowledged the fact your being you

I love anyone who just wants to be seen as themselves not a label someone gives them

for saying I'm different  

This world is to formal with what everyday looks like 

Being popular oh yeah a "perfect " way to live 

but if you think its not perfect at all 

your not living you life your living it on the labels which you were giving 

You shine for everything else but yourself 

Your voice is burred under your so called number of friends 

You're suffocating under the plastic which is not real

so brake lose because when you cut free from your label

you will live your life on being you and only you

your label  is what you want it to be




Comment if you liked this poem. Those comments will help make me become a stronger poet and being able to share me emotions though poetry . Thank you so much 


This is real right here ! It goes to show that what people are percieved as isn't always what people truly are deep down.


THANK you so much Gallionac!!!


PHENOMENAL JOB IMANI!!!! this poem is fantastic, it really puts you in a good posistion to sit and think about if you are really living your life or just a label. it gets straight to the point, but also gives meaning. kEEP GOING!! go head!


Thank you so much love . So excited to see your poetry on here to support you

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