R.I.P my dearest cousin Michael McEachern

There are so many things that you never get to say,

But when you can’t find the right words,

It keeps you up at night,

Thinking of the what if’s, and the could’ve beens,

Wondering why you can’t just be brave,

And go for it,

Why you have to be the outcast,

And when there’s nothing else,

But you and your thoughts,

And when you’re waiting in that state of calm,

The storm starts to set,

And you start to remember,

All the stupid things that you've ever said,

And they all start to mesh together,

Until that’s all that’s there,

And it’s easy to let it get to you,

And drive you to the edge,

But you see,

There’s so much you could miss,

If you keep your guard up,

Second guessing,

Every little decision that you've ever made,

And you waste your life being scared,

Because you only get one chance,

Make it last,

Make it so that even long after you’re gone,

You’re still making a difference in people’s lives,

And I promise that in the end,

It’ll all be worthwhile.




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