Wed, 10/07/2015 - 11:27 -- tybgkta

I've always been afraid of love.

Because everyone that I've ever loved made me feel whole, just to shatter me into a thousand fucking pieces.

A glass flung onto a bed of concrete.

Because everytime that I've let myself be happy pain is soon to follow,

Just as darkness follows light,

And the day is followed by night.

Because anybody who swore they'd always stay were the first to walk away.

Why I'm so terrified you'll leave,

Is because the feeling I get with you ignites something inside of me.

There isn't an aspect about you that I do not adore.

And I'm certain there's nothing I could ever want more,

Than to be yours forever.

And this I must admit,

Falling in love with you doesn't scare me one bit.

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