Destruction of Property

It started out as beautiful

Then slowly it began to crumble

"So far so good" I'd tell everyone

But deep inside I was hurting

I was going through something

Something that was so unexplainable

So foreign to me that if I met it face to face

My eyes would run away from the mystery

You NEVER understod the sacrifices I made

The changes that came with your destruction

I don't lust for you

I love for you

I long for you

But you....

You tread on me

Avoid me

Mistreat me

I have no friends because I leave them for you

If I'm not with you, I'm doing wrong in your eyes

I have no privacy

From my head

To my breasts

To my belly

To that spot in my pants called "pussy"

You try to own me

You know you're not a monster

So why act?

Why pretend?

Why cause destruction to my property?

Destruction to my HEART 



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