Derogatory Terms

If being a "liberal"

Means that I can plainly see what's wrong with the world

Then I'm a liberal

If being "evil"

Means that I believe women have the right to choose

Then I'm nefarious

If being a "feminist bitch"

Means that I see men and women as equals

Then I'm a feminist bitch

If being a "traitor"

Means that I speak out against corruption

Then call me Benedict Arnold

If being a "bitch"

Means that I stand up against hatred

Then I'm the baddest bitch out there

You can try to knock me down

But I refuse to fall

Because my beliefs have made me strong

Stronger than those blinded by fear

And comforted by lies

If I am a "terrible person"

Because I speak out against injustice

Then that is the kindest thing

To ever be said about me. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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