Dental Hygienist


It's not just scraping teeth or flouride treatments.

Not just wearing scrubs or poking gum.

It's not about the money or the title.

Dental Hygiene is a passion for me.

A sense of pride and a job well done,

that's enough to keep it fun.

Same thing everyday, it's all routine,

but it's what I do, keeping mouths clean.

The patients are my number one priority,

In a Healthcare profession, they've got to be.

People ask me how I can stand working in the mouth?

I tell them it's better than sitting in the house?

Truth is, I love it. It intrigues me.

I'd rather do this, than anything.

Although it's not what I'm attracted to,

I love wearing the scrubs! Wouldn't you?

Dental Hygiene isn't for everyone to do,

but for me, it's my dream job that I plan to pursue.


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