Wed, 04/16/2014 - 19:27 -- hicopig



There’s this ball in my throat,

Holding back what my eyes vent

I scan the room of distracted people

Accidently isolating me from their content


Act normal. Act normal.

What a small problem.

Shut up! Shut up!

Can’t you contain yourself for once?

Please, Please can I borrow your ears

Its but a small thing I need off my chest

I need help, oh I need help

A blanket? A pillow to rest my head against?


I’m in constant denial

Of a pain that demands my attention

Lifting this darkness from my body

Has become a 24 hour occupation


The problem has blurred

And all I can see

Is everyone noticing everyone

But no one noticing me


You see my drunken facade

But that’s not all that’s there

If you’d only look close enough

But no one does, no one cares


Sitting here in numbness

From my head to my heart

Does life look beautiful to you now?

Do I set a good example?


Am I loud enough for you?

Do you see me now?!

What a screw up, what a fuck up

How’d this happen, how?


Your pity is irrelevant

Don’t strain your little mind

No, this was no accident

No, there were no signs


I decided to get out early

And hung myself in my attic

Not before I hung up my demons

And let go of my conscious


This life is a wasteland

But I’m not the charity

Now that I’m gone, It’s over

The one you should pity is not me.


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