Demon of Perspective

In my mind

I'm far from here

In a different time

A different year

I can't explain to you

What made me leave

It’s a beauty that you must see to believe

Don't ask me to come back

I wouldn’t know how

Right now I am soaring above the clouds

Free of pain

Free of tears

I don't need emotions here

If only you could see

Inside of me

And the deep dark places I used to be

I wanted to cry, scream, and kick

But you didn't notice

Not one bit

Can you see now?

That my ashes are on the ground,

The reasons that lead me here?

The things I have found?

I finally gave in

I finally let go

Of this world

And all the pain I know

The voices have been silenced

Their whispers now gone

I wonder if they knew

This would happen all along


Oh my friend

Where did you go?

Up in the clouds?

Like you tried to tell me so?

I tried to let you know that I cared

My friend

I wish you would come down from that beautiful sky

And just tell me the reasons why

I don't understand

Please, oh please

Just try

I'm here for you 

I see you struggling within

Just talk to me and see

Please let me in

You don't have to do this alone

Deep down I know your still there

A soul

A person

Someone like me

Come down for a while and see

Please friend, please?

The daemons inside can't haunt you forever

Take my hand

We’ll do this together

I know your still here

Please, stay with me

Don’t listen to the daemon

I know if you try

You could win the battle inside



really beautiful read you got this poetry game locked your in the zone you know.

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