Tue, 05/28/2013 - 19:28 -- LDawe


United States
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I was a seed begging for attention, desperate to bloom

One day I would be a flower!

I grew into a bud envious of others who had already bloomed

One day I would be lovely!

When I blossomed I was a beautiful rose

My petals were luscious and red

I showed them off to everyone!

I was ripe

I was developed

I was fresh

Someone plucked me, picked me, chose me

It hurt to be plucked, but I was blissful that my beauty was appreciated

I was admired

Then the admirer jerked off some of my petals…

It’s okay, I thought. I am loved. I am beautiful.

My lover passed me off to others

Aren’t her petals attractive?

Seized by Brutes

Am I loved….? Am I beautiful…?

They caressed, yanked, desecrated my petals.

They fondled my stem and fingered my leaves.

My thorns seemed feeble

I was subdued

I am bent

I am bruised

I am a broken flower

No longer beautiful, I was thrown out and abandoned

Begging for attention,



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