Deception In Love


United States

Those innocent smiles and hugs

Did they give your heart a tug?

Make you fall deeper and deeper each time

Make you wish you were all mine


My heart swayed with your sensation

My threads too bare

They’ve become tangled in your web

Which may or may not tear


When you see me in the rain

Do you see the teardrops from my eyelids?

The proof of all my pain

The proof you’ve always seen since we were kids

Do you still see them?


Your hands brush my tears away

They fix my heart from decay

They fix what I thought I lost

Only I didn’t know the cost


Deeper love

Deeper heartbreak

My smile now a necessity

Yet still do I even want your pity?


Everything goes to hell

My heart decays in its little cell

From A’s to F’s

And friends to strangers


You’ve left me behind

With only a glance in the halls

Was it always in my mind

Because now you never leave those missed calls


I guess I was wrong

My heart simply too blind

You held me so long

But your gesture was only kind


You were only another human being who cared

One who tried to fix the sadness on display

Only as it further teared

I guess you chose to give up 

It just had to be on that day


Now you come

Is that worry I see in your eyes?

Was it always there all this time?

Where else could it be from.


“I’m sorry.”

Apology unaccepted

“Is that all you have to say?”

“I love you, just not in that way.”


Your words don’t help

They’re just truths I’ve failed to accept

Your arms open wide

Welcoming me inside


This time your comfort might be worthwhile

As it’s no longer clouded by lies

You remake my heart from that little pile

And then I know when I look in your eyes


We weren’t meant to be

But the love is still there

Sometimes I just needed to see

Past your mesmerizing stare


There isn’t only one way to love 

Just as there isn’t only one person you can love

It’s trust and dedication we shared

It just showed a kind of love called care


The more you love the better you are

Deception breaks the heart

Love heals all wounds

Along with truth which repairs that work of art


You’re right

When I smile the next day

You still hold me tight

“I love you.” I say with a smile

This time my heart does not decay.


I say “I love you” because you stay

Because you give me truth

Even when I only gave myself lies

I say it because you broke my heart’s disguise


So once again I repeat

My smile only grows bigger, brighter

And my heart only opens wider

“I love you.”

This poem is about: 
Our world


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