Death by REALITY?

I am running, hiding from the relentless grip of REALITY

But no matter what I do or where I go, it always seems to catch up with me

It drugs me and runs through my veins

Taking me higher until I can no longer feel the pain

But then...







It drops me

Sending me tumbling down towards the ground

Hitting every mountain I conquered up until now

And when I finally hit the bottom, it's already there waiting patiently

Patiently waiting to strangle me with it's cold, unforgiving hands, glaring deep into my eyes

With eyes filled with pain, hurt, betrayal, and LIES.

Then, it strikes me with the deepest dismay, over and over and over again

And there I am, soaking it up, absorbing every single blow until I feel nothing within

Finally, it finishes me with one last hit to the head

Leaving me covered in evil reminders of what I should have done instead

With one last eerie whisper it said 

"Wake up, you are not done yet".







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