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  Febuary 2, 2015 Math. It sucks but so does my life. Nothing to do, no one to know until...he was at the corner of my eye as I turned, one that I never noticed in the room.
Would I be asking for too much if I asked for your understanding? In this day and age,  when times pace isn't good enough and tolerance is at an all time low, can you spare a bit of patience?
I am many things everyone hates. I am who I am.
A meth addict has their own smell. Body odor. Crystal. Death. Every skin flake can be detected by the most resilient nose.        Family no longer has any meaning.
That 6 foot 4 inch frame,  That weird way to pronounce my name. Those giant hands, and big ol' feet, That nice smile, that no one else can beat. The quirky disposition, The adorkable being.
Misguided love tells me I hate you Hate to hate but hate stays with you Hatefull hate hates the lies Wipe every tear out your hateless eyes I hate you but you can't seem to hate me
I finally found someone
Someone I think could love me someday
But I’m afraid past problemsMight spring up and scare him awayI think it’s too soon to tell
If I’ll love him more then he will me
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