Dear Love:

How have you been?

I remember when,

We first talked;

It’s been a while since then.

And I hope we’re still friends,

We got some issues, but let’s mend the fences.

And pretend like it never happened.

            I sent my regards,

            Did you receive them?

            Probably not,

That was about the time you were leaving

Out of my life, and

Shortly after came the strife.

You left me all alone,

To the point where I decided to forget you,

And I was better off on my own.

Yet I spent many nights wanting to cry.

Cry out in agony, as if I was about to die

So I guess we can’t pretend like it never happened.

Issue haven’t been forgotten,

And it hasn’t been long enough since then.

But I still remember when we first talked


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