A "Dear John" letter to my depression

To my depression:

I spent too long loving you

and being held hostage to the

warmth you’d radiate

because I was always so cold

but you made even loneliness

feel friendly.

Last winter was the worst for us,

remember how we were

attached at the hip?

It’d snow out

and the night would fall faster

than I could blink

and I’d spend the day in bed

with you by my side

school and responsibilities be damned.

I think that’s when I realized how toxic you are

and that I can’t spend my life

with us being two halves

of the same broken soul.

I’m glued together now,

that’s why I haven’t answered your calls --

because if I give in to you

the glue holding me together will melt

and I’ll end up back in pieces.

but I’ve met someone new.

she is bright and beautiful

and everything I wanted to have,

wanted to be

for so many years

she’s taught me how to live life

and instead of hiding

in the shadows of what I could have

I’m living in the light

of what I am

in case you haven’t noticed by now,

this is me

breaking up

with you

instead of you

breaking me down


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