Dear God, A Letter From Your Queer Daughter


Dear God,
This is a letter from your queer daughter.
Wait, hold up did this girl just say queer?
"You are not a child of God!" Someone shouts!
Oh shut up! This is my letter.
Anyway you know I grew up in church
Singing your songs swaying in the pews
Lifting my hands high up
Shouting my praises
Hallelujah Amen! 
God is GOOD!
But as I grew older
Just the thought of your name made me squirm
Soon the songs changed pitch
And sounded off key
I couldn't sit through a Sunday school class
Without cringing
When bibles were being handed out I pulled my hand away
Like your word would burn me like hot coals
And soon after that the music completely stopped
I wasn't going to church
I cut ties with my choir boy and flower girl looking friends
I traded Sunday dresses for ripped tights and combat boots
I cut my hair SHORT
I got called a boy
But I wasn't offended
I started looking at boys in a new way
I liked them
Soon after that...I also started looking at girls
I felt the same feeling I felt for boys
I wasn't ashamed...
I was told I should being what they called a "christian"
But I wasn't one
I didn't want to even be one
The name sounded dirty
I wanted to gag at the sound
Bringing up my past is never good 
And you know I still am not a "Christian"
I believe in God, but that doesn't mean "Christian"
No offense big man but your hardcore "followers", these so called Christians, hate me
They are the BIGGEST hypocrites I've met
"Oh we love everyone" they claim
But once they find out the truth about me?
"God hates fags!" "Sinner!" "Blaspheme!"
Your reply?
Wait can god say screw you? 
I guess it doesn't matter I mean you are God.
Personally I think it would be awesome to hear you say screw you
That would make me want to give you a high five
And you know God I realize now
You aren't all bad
I may not have it figured all out
But black or white
Young or old
Boy or Girl
Straight or queer
You love me all the same

With all her love,
Your Queer Daughter :)

P.S. Thanks for the rainbows :)


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