Dear Depression; I am Welcoming Awesomeness

Dear Depression,

A ways back we go,                                                                             Back

To when I rememer our first meeting.                                             When

I was a thirteen year old child, Back when                                     I

Cherished the simple things and I                                                 realized

That life would be much harder,  you were                                   that

Iron fist that beat me and left me,                                                   you

struck me down, and you left me to die. I                                     Couldn't

get back up. Our second meeting, when you would                  control

my thoughts in the back of that car, and you would tell              me

that I would be forgotten, just a 300 mile lost memory.              I

Can't forget our third meeting, when I                                           stood

for what was wrong, took that pill                                                   up

into my system hoping to soar away from you,                           and

Instead nearly cost myself my family,  you                                    took

my friends and forced me away and into                                      a

dark room where I could not                                                           stand

and left me to die once again. Our final                                       and

last meeting, where i begged ou to leave and                           asked

you to leave as you dug yourself into my wrists,                        for

you desired my blood, my                                                              life

and the knife that once stood in my                                             back.



Depression you are my                                                                Old

companion, my life long friend                                                    and

have been there for me, from when my                                    new

eyes barely blinked to when I no longer wanted to see.       Memories

flooded me like a tidal wave and you pretended that you     Came

to help me, but instead you struck me down,                          back

to back you washed away my happiness and took                from

me what I held dearly. Find                                                          the

Nearest rop you said, make sure you're                                  dead

you said, hang your self like and ornament, you said.


But it is I who spoke back, it is                                                   I

who can be strong, it is I who                                                    realized

that I can overcome, it is I                                                           that

can touch, that can can feel, but you left a nasty taste          in

my mouth. And now I banish you, I                                           order

you to leave my mind and my body, I agree                            to

learn from you, but to banish you from myself, and to         make

sure that you aren't my last dying wish.                                  Things

will no longer be the same, you can not have the                awesome

that I have in me, you can not have me.                                 You

can not have me. You                                                                must've

left, for I am worthy of love, I can regain the trust I                had

and I will survive. I'll learn forgiveness, learn                        to

be honest. I'll tell you secrets, dreams, and what I can      be

but I would rather tell you that I am letting go, flying            free.

Learning to think and remembering to speak.                     I

am turning the upper hand, and I will and can                     have

all that I want to be.                                                                    The

strength you have given me, I thank you for. We                  will

not cross paths again, and I will be sure                              to

keep you at bay. For I am now wanting to laugh and          live.


Awesomeness is now my Thoughts.

It is now my dreams, my being, my fantasy and my reality, and it can be everything if you let it be.


Sometimes, you must make                                                    Life

worth living, so breathe in that air, because it                      is

your life you must live, and you can make it truly                awesome.

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