Dear Congress


Dear Congress,

Why must you treat working class citizens like the scum of the earth?

I am sorry that I cannot fill your pockets with my parents’ money.

I am sorry that I want my voice heard instead of my wallet.

In a country like ours,

A fist slammed down in protest should have more power

Than a wallet put down with the sound of greed.

Dear Congress,

Why must you continue to take from the hungry

And give it to those who’s bellies are already full of fancy cuisine?

Who came up with trickle-down economics?

Who decided that the ones at the bottom should only be able to drink

When the bucket of the rich is overflowing?

Dear Congress,

Why is the worst you can do is cut taxes from million and billionairs

And the best you can do is cut aid to the needy?

Dear Congress,

When did you stop serving the American People

And start serving the Global Corporation?


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